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Dr. John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP, is a physician, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, author and speaker. He has a relentless drive to help people rescript their future and reach their full potential.









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Author Dr. John Shufeldt writes for YOU. His books help you transform your life with tangible tips to raise the bar, grow your business and improve your health. Whether you want a professional or personal change, these tools will mentor you through the process.

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With unique insights from both the Emergency Dept. and the boardroom, Dr. John Shufeldt delivers wit, quips and tangible takeaways to help you up your game in work and life.

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I must admit I’m not always the best or most appropriate in terms of my style or manner of communication. I’ve also learned over the years to take most things with a grain of salt (particularly if it’s followed by a shot of tequila and a slice of lime), so I don’t get...

Practice Management Tips They Don’t Teach in Medical School

People always envision doctors live glamorously and make exceptionally high salaries, but those in the healthcare industry know that big paychecks are not always a given. This is especially true in healthcare entrepreneurship and practice management. Unfortunately,...