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With over 30 years of collective experience, Dr. John Shufeldt is a thought leader as a medical entrepreneur who is driven to help improve the healthcare space. He emits a strong energy to challenge and motivate himself as well as other medical professionals to move humanity forward by taking steps into the entrepreneurial space that help improve the broken healthcare system.

JS at US CareWays Grand Opening Being FilmedHe earned a Bachelor of Arts from Drake University and MD from the University of Health Sciences at the Chicago Medical School. He then completed an emergency medicine residency at Christ Hospital and Medical Center, where he was Chief Resident.

Dr. Shufeldt went on to practice emergency medicine, and start one of Arizona’s first Urgent Care centers, twenty years before the national industry boom. As the CEO of his growing multi-site business, NextCare Urgent Care, Dr. Shufeldt returned to school to earn his MBA from Arizona State University. His company would later become the largest national privately held urgent care group in the nation.

In addition, he decided that gaining a better understanding of health law would be integral to help navigate growth and enter new markets. Therefore, he enrolled in school again and earned his Juris Doctorate from ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Dr. Shufeldt then went on to be admitted to the State Bar in Arizona, the Federal District Court and the Supreme Court of the United States.

This intersection of studies has lead Dr. Shufeldt to a variety of endeavors seeking to improve healthcare delivery, offering more affordable and convenient access to care for patients. After exiting NextCare, he founded MeMD a private, on-demand, patient portal which utilizes telemedicine to connect patients to healthcare providers regardless of distance or time, for advice and the treatment of minor ailments.

Dr. Shufeldt recently edited the authority on Urgent Care Business, the Textbook of Urgent Care Management. In addition to urgent care business, he writes about professional development. Dr. Shufeldt is also working in a new book geared towards helping medical professionals become entrepreneurs.


Dr. John Shufeldt’s most common entrepreneurial topics include:


  • Leading Change: Learning to Embrace Risk, Failure, and the Bounties of Success
  • In Pursuit of Revenue: Innovative Ways to Support Your Department’s Bottom Line
  • Negotiation 101: The Nitty Gritty of How to Achieve Positive Business Outcomes
  • Business 101 for Medical and Legal Professionals
  • Creating Change, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur
  • LEAN Process: Managing Through the Transitions
  • LEAN Process: Separating Good From Great
  • LEAN Process: Metric Driven Management


Other topics Dr. John Shufeldt speaks on:



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