About Dr. John Shufeldt

Dr. John Shufeldt is an emergency physician by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, who has a relentless drive to fill the gaps in the healthcare field to improve the broken system from both sides. He writes books and creates web content that empower and equip medical providers to discover success in entrepreneurship.

In 1993, Dr. Shufeldt became frustrated by the inefficiency of the ER where he practiced. He noticed that the ER was becoming increasingly overcrowded with minor illnesses and injuries that would cause issues for not only the patients but ER staff as well. He wanted to find a way for people with minor illnesses and injuries to be treated outside of the ER so that more critical patients could be seen in the ER. From this idea, his first urgent care practice emerged. Dr. Shufeldt’s clinics then saw explosive growth, expanding from one to 58 in his tenure.

Similarly, in 2010 with the widespread consumer adoption of smartphones, he started MeMD after realizing many patients could save money and time by receiving medical care over the phone or via the mobile app. MeMD experienced wild success; using proprietary technology, the company connects patients seeking care for minor medical issues or behavioral health concerns with licensed medical providers and therapists for convenient, anytime access to care. MeMD also offers business solutions, which serve as a natural complement to an existing health plan, and are customizable, easy to implement, and reduce administration time and costs.

Dr. Shufeldt has over 30 startups under his belt, spanning the gamut of health and non-healthcare ventures.

As a young physician entrepreneur, Dr. Shufeldt was inspired to strengthen his knowledge base to better serve his businesses. Dr. Shufeldt realized quickly that his medical training was not enough to make him a successful business leader.  While acting as CEO of his multi-site urgent care group, he obtained his MBA and also returned to school to earn a law degree, becoming an attorney to better navigate business and health law. Most recently, Dr. Shufeldt also completed the Six-Sigma Black Belt. He advocates continuous learning in his career and his life.

As a successful business leader, he became an in-demand consultant and helped clients from hospital groups to national urgent care chains to budding entrepreneurial hopefuls. He provides guidance at every stage of business, from starting your venture and managing your practice to exiting and selling.

Dr. Shufeldt has published ten books including a guide to children’s emergencies, two urgent care textbooks on clinical guidance and practice management, and a series of student leadership books. Additionally, he is currently working on a start-up book for healthcare professionals who want to leverage their current medical skills to open their own business in the medical field. Dr. Shufeldt plans to also have a virtual training course that will be paired with this book to help medical professionals gear up for the start-up process.

With his humor, passion, engaging personality and unique expertise in serial healthcare entrepreneurship, he is an admired mentor of entrepreneurs and students.Save


“Once you get into the habit of staying optimistic, you’ll see that it often leads to success or at least provides a new perspective. That perspective helps you to see the unintended outcome as opposed to the original goal” – Dr. John Shufeldt