Dr. John Shufeldt is an emergency physician by avocation and entrepreneur at heart. He is an author, serial student and multidisciplinary entrepreneur, who has a relentless drive to help people rescript their future and reach their full potential.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts from Drake University and his MD from the University of Health Sciences and the Chicago Medical School, John completed his Emergency Medicine residency at Christ Hospital and Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill. He spent his final year at the hospital as Chief Resident. Four years later he returned to school to earn his MBA from Arizona State University to ensure he had the business acumen necessary to run what became the largest privately held urgent company in the country. Ten years later, as a hedge against future uncertainty, John decided to again go back to law school. He earned his Juris Doctorate from ASU and is admitted to the State Bar in Arizona, the Federal District Court and Supreme Court of the United States.

Throughout his full-time schooling, John continued to practice emergency medicine at a large tertiary care center and lead his urgent care business through a large capital raise and a national expansion. In 2010, John sold his urgent care business and started MeMD, a national virtual health platform. He continued to practice emergency medicine and returned once again to the classroom to obtain his Six Sigma Black Belt in order to consult on emergency process improvement initiative in ED’s around the country. At present, John leads a large emergency medicine staffing and management company and continues to practice emergency medicine and health law.

John spent most of his life working long hours and not prioritizing his health. While he always exercised, his sleep and eating habits were inconsistent and not aligned with current best practices. He slept four to five hours a night and lived by the motto “I’ll sleep when I am dead.” Moreover, he avoided most fruits and vegetables at all costs. However, that all changed two years ago after he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Since then, John has gone through a complete lifestyle change. He now sleeps eight or more hours a night, follows a modified keto diet and exercises daily. Additionally, John takes medications and supplements designed to improve longevity by reducing the risks that come with aging. These changes and the results that came with them, spurred him to write “The Real Man Plan” and help men achieve their personal goals particularly as they relate to their health and wellness.

John has published 10 books, and is currently writing “The Real Man Plan.” His books cover a wide variety of topics including personal growth, entrepreneurism, leadership and career-specific advice, which are all designed to help people become the best version of themselves.


“Once you get into the habit of staying optimistic, you’ll see that it often leads to success or at least provides a new perspective. That perspective helps you to see the unintended outcome as opposed to the original goal.” – John