Dr. John Shufeldt has wrote multiple books on personal leadership. Hone in on your leadership skills to continue your personal growth.

You Economy

Inspiring Your Inner Entrepreneur

A new industrial revolution is taking place. It’s the economy of the self-starters and entrepreneurs. In this age when startup business ventures are on the rise, You Economy: Inspiring Your Inner Entrepreneur provides the necessary roadmap.

Leadership You

Your Future Starts With You   

By exploring the 10 self-leadership principles in LeadershipYOU, you'll be reminded of the traits necessary to lead the most important player in your life -- you. Consequentially, you'll see your career advance and your interpersonal relationships soar.  

Ingredients of Outliers

A Recipe for Personal Achievement 

Outlier: An exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement. How do they do it? Ingredients of Outliers reveals the “secret sauce” that transforms individuals from average to extraordinary. This quintessential handbook teaches readers to unleash their untapped potential.  

Outliers in Medicine

Venturing into the medical field comes with questions from students and doctors in training. The volume of choices can be daunting. Gain invaluable industry information from the career pathways, action guides and resources in Outliers in Medicine from six high achieving, award-winning medical professionals.

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Medical Entrepreneurship Books

The central cornerstone of Dr. John Shufeldt’s ventures is figuring out how to make consuming (and delivering) healthcare more efficient in terms of time and money for both patients and providers. Using his years of experience, Dr. Shufeldt has been working on creating books in the medical entrepreneurship area.


Dr. John Shufeldt has been at the forefront of continuing medical education and practice management by founding Urgent Care Education. From here, he worked with some peers and put together two revolutionary textbooks on urgent care.