Life Story

I was adopted early in life by two hard-working, loving parents.

My older sister and I were raised “old school” – with a spare the rod, spoil the child mentality woven into traditional Catholic upbringing and solid Midwestern values.

Despite these narrow boundaries, I managed to graduate near the bottom of my class in both grade and high school.

My sister, who rarely missed the opportunity to give me a good, albeit well-deserved “smack down” was a straight-A student.

I played and was, despite my baby Huey-like size, about average at every sport I tried – baseball, boxing, track and field, basketball, football, and karate.

At the end of the day, during these formative years, I was a well-mannered, warm-hearted, persevering failure. The two traits I had which ultimately “saved the day” were a “don’t take yourself too seriously” (how could I?) a sense of humor and a never give up mentality.

I have a myriad of experiences from making and selling candles and hand-dipped chocolates to beekeeping, owning a number of hotdog stands and a helicopter leasing company.

I continue to practice emergency medicine and law.

I am an airline transport rated pilot, an adjunct professor at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU, a physician on the Phoenix PD SWAT team and life-long entrepreneur and I haven’t “worked” a day in my life.

Despite all that, my ultimate thrill comes from watching the spark in the eyes of people with whom I engage, when they realize that they too can accomplish their goals and live the life of their dreams while having a hell of a great time along the way!

Through speaking engagements, coaching, and writing, my mission is to help others exceed their own expectations thereby realizing their dreams – if I can do it, anyone can!

Let’s get started-together!