John Shufeldt has nearly three decades of experience leading high-performing teams and being a thought leader and agent of change in the delivery of healthcare, entrepreneurism and leadership. 

He works with a multitude of companies.


In 2003, Shufeldt Consulting created EMpower Emergency Physicians, the premier employer for physicians and clinicians that provide exceptional operational and clinical care expertise to acute care hospitals and patients. Through dedicated partnerships with St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center, and Green Valley Hospital, EMpower significantly improves the level of personalized care given to patients. With 200 combined years of acute patient care experience and integrated healthcare solutions, EMpower’s emergency medical team is ranked among the nation’s highest in core services and quality metrics.
In 2010, Shufeldt Consulting created MeMD to expand access to quality healthcare by delivering trusted Telehealth solutions. MeMD connects patients in need of immediate care with board certified urgent care providers through a secure, web-based video conference. In under 30 minutes, patients can be examined, diagnosed, treated and prescribed medicine in the comfort of their own home. MeMD holds the nation’s most comprehensive network of urgent care providers to see patients online.
In 2015, Shufeldt Consulting created Shared Mission, a Native American and Alaska Native owned management consulting company that works exclusively with tribal health programs across the US to help tribes and tribal health programs create a framework of operations that allows them to successfully deliver cost effective, high quality health systems that are tailored to meet the needs of that sovereign nation.
In 2015, Shufeldt Consulting created Tribal Emergency Medicine, a physician-lead Emergency Department leadership and staffing management company. Tribal EM is dedicated to providing the highest level of emergency care for Indian Health Services and 638 Facilities. Tribal EM specializes in Emergency Room quality management, process improvement, staffing and patient flow redesign using Six Sigma methodologies to ensure that your facility exceeds your members’ expectations. Our providers average 20+ years of experience in leading and staffing high volume, high acuity emergency departments around the country.
Dr. John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP, founded NextCare Urgent Care in 1993, one of the largest pure-play urgent care networks in the country. He served as the CEO and Chairman of the board until 2010. Under Dr. Shufeldt’s leadership, NextCare grew from a single clinic to fifty-eight clinics in six states with annualized revenue of nearly 100 Million Dollars. Dr. Shufeldt opened more than 50 urgent care centers over the course of his career. Today, NextCare operates over 130 Urgent Care facilities, in Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri and Wyoming.
Created in 2013, Urgent Care Education Founders and Authors, John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP, and Lee A. Resnick, MD, FAAFP collaborated to fill an ever-growing need in urgent care: to create educational materials with the highest relevancy, utility, and credibility. The Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine and The Textbook of Urgent Care Management are designed to inform providers and administrators how to better run an urgent care center from a clinical and administrative perspective. The books provide a thorough reference guide in both the application of clinical practice and the management of an urgent care center. In 2016, Shufeldt Consulting sold Urgent Care Education to Practice Velocity.
Created in 2014, Urgent Care Integrated Network is a national single-specialty network of independent urgent care centers. At its core, UCI Network is committed to furthering the success of independent urgent care centers by providing access to high-quality products and services at discounted rates. It also strives to facilitate the quality care of patients by providing enhanced clinical delivery options through a single convenient source. In an increasingly challenging urgent care environment, the UCI Network offers a viable and solid purchasing strategy that will help urgent care professionals save time and money and help them better able to serve their patients.
Created in 2007, UrgentRad uses advanced technology, medical expertise and experience, and the American College of Radiology guidelines to develop a thorough process for quality patient care. This includes input and feedback from the attending clinician and their staff, as well as the radiologists. The Urgent Rad technology platform was designed to help exchange information and promote communication between doctors. Such information helps tailor the most appropriate imaging study to the clinical scenario, improves the clinical relevance of the radiology report, and ultimately promotes the optimal report – one that is timely, precise, and accurate. In 2016, Shufeldt Consulting sold UrgentRad to Practice Velocity.