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 I am fortunate to have my professional career combine my passion for, and reside at, the intersections of medicine, law, business and aviation.  In 2013 I started Outlier Publishing to highlight the traits and accomplishments of remarkable individuals I have met along my journey.  Through my writing, speaking and coaching, I want to help you fulfill your dreams and accomplish everything within your reach and beyond.”


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The Outlier Series

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In July 2013, Dr. John Shufeldt published a book called Ingredients of Outliers: A Recipe for Personal Achievement, after being inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s Ouliers: The Story of Success, to not only explain how people become successful, but help empower people to achieve more than they thought was possible. This book was written with a college and career professional audience in mind, although it would also appeal to a high schooler who is close to graduation or thinking about their career.

Shortly after its release, Dr. Shufeldt was invited to speak at two local schools, and it was clear that the engagement between the book and elementary to middle school educators as well as pre-teen to young adult students was strong. Teachers began incorporating the book into their curriculum, but needed to adapt it a bit to help their students better understand the advanced leadership concepts. After becoming aware of the great need for good leadership materials for students and teachers, John began writing Ingredients of Young Outliers . This book hits different reading levels between 5th and 8th grade, which has adapted into school curriculum that is now avaliable online! After this book was published in March 2014, and with the birth of multiple offerings, thus began the Outlier Series.

If you know Dr. Shufeldt, you know that he dreams big, and once he gets an idea, there’s no telling the stretch of his imagination or far he will go to accomplish it. Shortly after both of these books were written, he began realizing that the theme of his books was mentorship. The outliers he was interviewing to be featured in the books inspired the need for more books about people like them, and how they came to be successful in their field. This is when he began to venture into writing career-specific books for the Outlier Series. He talks more about the genesis of it in the VIDEO below.


What you can expect in the future are 12 books, on subjects like Medicine, Law, Entertainment, and Sports to name a few (see complete list below) with featured outliers who are standouts in their field. These books will provide exclusive interview content, action guides and targeted resources for those looking to enter into an industry.

Currently Published Outlier Series Titles: 

Ingredients of Outliers: A Recipe for Personal Achievement

Ingredients of Young Outliers: Achieving Your Most Amazing Future

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