After founding Urgent Care Education, Dr. Shufeldt came to the forefront of continuing medical education and practice management.

Textbook of Urgent Care Management

A  quintessential practice management guide to starting, operating and selling your clinic. This 47-chapter book is perfect for the owner/operator with no previous urgent care business experience, or the investor with little knowledge of the urgent care industry.

Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine

The most comprehensive urgent care textbook on the market today that focuses on the unique challenges of the urgent care setting. Discover pearls and pitfalls urgent care medicine faces from triage to disposition.

Other Categories:

Medical Entreprenuership

The central cornerstone of Dr. John Shufeldt’s ventures is figuring out how to make consuming (and delivering) healthcare more efficient in terms of time and money for both patients and providers. Using his years of experience, Dr. Shufeldt has been working on creating books in the medical entrepreneurship area.

Leadership Books

Dr. John Shufeldt has wrote multiple books on personal leadership. Hone in on your leadership skills to continue your personal growth.