You Economy

Inspiring Your Inner Entrepreneur

Description: A new industrial revolution is taking place. It's the economy of the self-starters and entrepreneurs.

In this age when startup business ventures are on the rise, You Economy: Inspiring Your Inner Entrepreneur provides the necessary roadmap. Through the inspirational stories of world-class entrepreneurs, author Dr. John Shufeldt carves a path, leaving how-to takeaways in each chapter.

Current and prospective business owners will gain the motivational and practical tips needed to make their dream venture a reality. In the pages of You Economy: Exploring Your Inner Entrepreneur, readers will be equipped with:

- Humorous and helpful anecdotes from Dr. Shufeldt's own business ventures
- Guidance on whether to start their own business
- Tips on how to assemble the right team
- Steps to create S.M.A.R.T. goals
- Essentials for their entrepreneurship toolkit


The way we work has changed forever. While the lack of certainty bothers some, I am personally excited about the You Economy. There are few restraints as to how far you can go. Dr. Shufeldt does an excellent job of showing you how to build the right skill set (and mindset) for navigating the exciting new territory.

Quint Studer, founder of Studer Group, CEO of Studer Community Institute

Perhaps the one of the finest books on practical self-leadership for the You Economy every written.

Steve Scott, best-selling author of Novice to Expert

Dr. John Shufeldt’s book, You Economy, is an essential read for anyone seeking to embrace self-employment. This book will help readers to do so purposefully and undoubtedly increase their odds of success. Susan Sly, speaker and best-selling author of First Break all the Rules

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